Its 3 at night, i woke up suddenly. my brain is vibrating with blur eyes.
When you are so desperate for something, that you just cant sleep.
Just dreamed of something really beautiful!!!
It was maybe 10 years ago i guess, mom woke me up n it was 7 o'clock. time to go to school!!! rain was pouring outside. It is one of the most living moments, u kno, when u are in bed and you can hear the sound of water, feel that cold air. I had to wake up n did my adventures in bathroom.. making noises as if im vomiting, so that mom would let me bunk the school. but she was clever!!! huuhh! it was a stale trick of mine, which i used all over those 10 nice little years. I never brushed the whole weekdays, n used to pour water on soap. as if ive bathed properly. such a dirty n ugly innocent kid I was, back then. going to school, that was one of the scariest thing I ever did.. thinkin how teacher's gonna get my ass busted out of the classroom for not doin homework n makin noise!! those days when my parents allowed me to stay at home because of heavy rains, are the most joyful memories.... I can never ever feel that again, shit..
I had this tiny fish tank, where there were my little fishy frnds swimmed n played. I spent most of my time wondering if I can ever talk to them, feeding them. I cried like maniac when they passed away..
Fuck, how innocent I was, I wanna go back.

theres this song by U2 where Bono sings
"What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?"
n now Im so called grown up and ready to face this shitty world, Ive lost that spirit, innocence and beauty, I hope someday someone might show me up the way again.
Day after tommorow is my last paper of 6th sem.. n now im here writing about the dream I jus had.

The Act of Protest

He burned himself as a protest against suppression of Buddhism in South Vietnam on a busy street. Many Buddhist monks followed the energy of this burned body and ultimately they proved their point. The act was a result of profound coldness and did not emerged from a rushed anguished mind.

It was one of those history pages that made me delve, delve into darkness of human psyche.


When I first saw this hypothetical photo by Nat Geo, Time paused for me.. Who the fuck am I... were the only words echoing in my head. nothings gonna change if I die.
all these years of our life, not even comparable with a glimpse of TIME.
concept of Infinity is light years away !!!!