News : Somali woman stoned for adultery

r u laughing again?c, im laughing here!!
somehow, I have lost sensitivity, i guess. im lucky, next time i wont feel like crying after seeing such things.

u are a girl. sorry, u are a girl turned into a fertile female, walkin on the edge of that exploding libido of urs. its perfectly normal. u r in a relationship with a straight male. u do all the things, the things that have been done by all kind of species... even those huge T-Rex dinosaurs used to do it. n now uve done it. somehow ur society knows about ur adventures.
ur wrapped in white cloth n buried half underneath the ground. looking at big rocks n stones coming your way from the hands of the people( probably from the hand of the ones who are socially acceptable fuckers, here "fuckers" literally means fuckers!!! im not abusing them.) seeing your skin getting crushed with blood. they make u feel ashamed of ur "sin". u c. u r dead, maybe with another "to be baby" in your stomach.

download and watch this video:

reminds me of that scene in khaled hosseini's "The Kite Runner".

reading constantly about such hyper-shittyhuman phenomenon and accepting the way it is, u can just say that u are fortunate, to have born in a relatively safe and free country. so before getting naughty with your partner next time, say "Mera Bharat Mahan" before sayin "I Love You".
shi, im gone crazy!!

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