everyone arguments, everyone blames, everyone wants to prove that they are right, everyone wants to prove that the person in front is wrong. along the way they forget basics, n why they started talking.
they all want attention, respect. i kno, we all want it, but plz dont get addicted. noble view gets leaked out of mind as if theres a black hole outside, they all want to win the argument. they dont know what is the solution. its total war of words, theres no respect or peace. they read newspapers to gather information so that they can throw it on their opponents face. they stay updated to win the arguments. everyone wants to win. who will solve? they never step back, even when they get to know that they r on the wrong side!!! their ego barks like a testosterone driven dog. why not help each other, develop mature, understanding and noble relationships, find answers n solutions, together?

n where do i stand in them? gotta get rid of some shit that has accumulated over the years of harmful social brain programming.

once upon a time, a baby goose denied to go with its flock. he died of cold n hunger that winter, alone.
this time, theres another baby goose, being stubborn to fly away with them. I wish he lives forever.

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