"Sixty years ago, on such a shiny day, a little boy, holding hand of his father, walked this street. and as the years passed by, father was replaced by friends and eventually by a woman. but through the twists n turns of this straight road, everyone seemed to vanish, one by one. rain poured, floods rushed in, sun burst, still, the windows remain silent and kept the secrets, til it hurt. and for the days to come, the tired old man, will walk the same old street, with mind full of unsettling thoughts about lost world, lost hope and death."

Photo Credit goes to an engineer-turned-photographer, journalist cousin of mine, Nimish Sawant.
its kind of a privilege to have a chance to write somethin bout such an artistically captured n delicately crafted photo.

heres the link to his blog :


  1. man too good.
    personally, i think the photo seems incomplete without what you have written.You gave broader view to picture. nice, very nice.

  2. even the inverse of what u said is true.
    the picture has got a feeling. a strong one.