a friend posted this brilliant link on facebook.

n this photo also, he uploaded some days ago.

a very clever n diplomatic reply to a biased negative comment of mine.

sometimes I wonder, what on earth have twisted my way of being optimist.
do I sound like a clinically depressed self-obsessed freak?
I hate my brain.


  1. I agree with ur friend, altho not on the "we are all winning here" part. Things like war have been happening, n will continue happening. Unless the human psyche undergoes some kinda change, unless we get rid of the seven sins, these things will continue. Its just a fact we have to live with. The war photographer is just doing his job. Theres a huge debate going on whether, a photographer should just photograph (his primary responsibility) a crime being comitted or go out of his way to stop it (voluntarily). His reaction will doubtless depend on the context. Similarly when it comes to us, as long as our immediate family/friends are outta danger we will continue to be in a stationary state.