"On the way to his school, he used to come across a mother n son duo. Dribbling saliva n ridiculous hexagonal shaped head of that child always intrigued him at the same time repelled him physically. He was a bright n sensitive kid who grew up wondering about the nature's discrimination.

He turned 18 n the other kid too, but he salivated only when a coveting girl passed by, n the other kid, who could never understand how a coveting girl, in fact how a girl pleases senses, always did.

The muted dreams n lost hopes of the mother, even though concealed behind a kind loving smile, could never fool his insightful eyes, which later at night, shed tears for that woman. He often argued with friends about the doomed future of that adult kid and the parents but secretly longed for their happiness, which he knew, was never attainable.

And like wind, time elapsed in experiencing love, homesickness, heartache and his own introvert life.

Until recently, he was coming back to life, sloughing off his negativity, he walked that street again, just to experience an undesired sight. A corpse wrapped in a white cloth with a ridiculously hexagonal head.

He came home, took a bath, looked in a mirror which reflected a face full of grief. Felt a mother's wails inside his heart, suffered cries of an already murdered life of her son, felt guilty of being normal. "

Been a long time since i havent felt down n blue, so kinda made up a story for myself to sensitize my gloom. I donno who is the protagonist, so I wrote HE, someone who lives inside.

nevermind the stops, commas n upside-down turned verbal sentences in the prose, was jus experimenting a different way to write.

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