woaah! been waiting for this day for months. to let that introvert take control. to let the demons override. suddenly the house of lies built, collapsed! let it burn to ashes. i dont wanna live in it. black metal, long hairs, tranquil seriousness, corner of the room! fuck man i miss you. where were you when i was going down, what happened to the songs.. bitchin around, talking negative about people, fucking up unnecessarily, wasted words, uncalled laughter, unwanted pride. faith in nature, peace, love, truth, human values are far more superior than all these false lies. let them do it, you dont have to participate, you dont have to go into this filthy shit. you are a lil confused boy, so be it, dont try to pretend. how can you forget Rudyard Kipling's IF. smile, dont let these so called 'good angels to survive' fuck up with you. be confused and be good. already those fucked up angels have put a lot of guilt. free.

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