Touch of Sorrow

some days ago, recommended a movie to a movie freak friend of mine, which in turn was recommended to me by another friend of mine like 2-3 years ago. it was "The bridges of Madison County".

this is wat he mailed me after he watched it
"And there were so many moments.. When he was standing in the rain, they look at each other. And she thinks that he didn't really want her coz he easily walks away. And the next minute she sees him clinging the locket she gave him on the mirror of his car.. Fuck man..  I was drowned in some unknown feeling.."

felt like a razorblade scratch on a beating heart. a soul hanging somewhere in limbo, fucked up, forever and lonely.

people come, people go.. we just have to walk on. without trembling, without looking back, without a touch of sorrow. just like eastwood in the madison county :)

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