Give me two thousand years and I'll be getting people to wage the most destructive war against each other and kill mothers, fathers, babies, sister, brothers and last of their sperms in the name of the new God, in the name of my religion and in the name of the fake paradise I will offer them. At the same time gift them a foul illusion to save their faces under the hood of 'my crooked invention'. I will force them to invent weapons of mass destruction that will amputate their bodies, burn their skin, show them the real meaning of slow painful horrifying death that they want for others for disbelieving their faith and invigorate the absolute annihilation of their own spirit through manipulation of guilt and remorse, through hatred based on their deep belief on figments of my imagination - revelations by dreams and holy fucking angels, through implanting bigotry deep into their character, through constant recitation of mysterious cryptic chants essential to please my brainchild, through heinous rituals that will help them murder their reason and logic, through 'self-proclaimed sacred' philosophy that will make them the most depraved of wild pigs, through subconscious machinations, through infiltration of their brains with the idea of my might and sorcery, through conspiracy.. through a corrupt bloody conspiracy. I will be the Satan. I will throw a spell of black magic that they wont be able to escape if they abandon the immense power of their reason, mind and rationality.

My sweat will be the only water they will have to drink, my mercy will be their only blessing, my curse will be their whole notion of horror, terror will be the only feeling they will be left to feel, after a slightest denunciation of me and gratification of the greedy dark evil within me will be the essence of their existence. I will be the manifestation of the evilest devil, fuck I will be the devil himself in the name of their God.

This will be their punishment, for being imbecile piece of shit which believe with closed eyes, with closed ears, with a blocked brain suffering from self inflicted paralysis. without inquiring, thinking, asking, doubting. And I will laugh at their rotten choice of blind faith over reason and I will mock their gory crawling souls when they reach the gates of 'my heaven'.


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  1. Who wrote this? You? If yes, then I wouldn't believe it.