Well, finally I have deleted my facebook profile. Why? 
  • To defeat that inner guy who was always laughing at my excuses like facebook offers informative/helpful groups, being in touch with friends who live far away, messaging which replaced emails n blah blah. 
  • Noise to signal ratio: in fact the signal was so low that all I could see/read was noise. Pure passive entertainment bullshit.
  • To get a kick after letting go of the habit of opening that firefox tab for facebook.
  • Opt out of people's personal lives (or specifically, to opt out of their lame attempts to present the self-edited best dimension of their lives). I was right when I was swimming in the deepest wave of depression and pessimism, human beings are hopeless. 
  • Purge the thoughts which would otherwise originate due to the fact that I was aware of having a facebook profile. Can't think of a particular example now but believe me there were things like taking a photo at Eiffel tower from a particular perspective or at Isar. I still want to do these things but not with that motivation but just for the sake of doing those things.
  • Get those looks from people who would ask me "Are you on Facebook/Let me send you a friend request." and get "I dont have a facebook account."
I know there are loopholes in the arguments but the first point was a major motivation to delete it. I tried doing it 4-5 months ago but somehow stuck with it. Lately I wasn't using it anyway, so on a gray rainy afternoon, sitting in my small room with cold feet and a hot coffee, I dug deep to find the delete button and hit the last nail.

Feels like a penguin who is swimming peacefully in deep cold water, far away from the coast where the colony members are making a great noise and farting loudly ;)

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