a random loser's story

someone's voice keeps on echoing in your mind throughout the day, her face seems so pretty even when shes crying n sad, u die for that caring touch. theres a smile on your face when u hang up the phone. you go to sleep but end up changing sides all night n ultimately sleep, hoping that she might meet in your dreams.

you miss her every day, each n every single moment, u kno, fragrance of her presence linger around u. you r high on the most addictive drug of this universe. high all the time.
only you know how it feels when u imagine her "being the sun in someone else's sky".
n then somehow curtain falls, wind comes n blows it all away.
the next day, u wake up n still cant believe that its all gone. she dont want to be there by your side.

u end up being a fuckin loser.

please dont call it "love". I really really hate that word.
its such a manipulated, misinterpreted and misunderstood word.

she is still there n u r still here. she smiles. she waves at you. u try to ignore.
but u still give a fake hollow smile.... n jus walk on.

oh yeah I forgot to mention, for a day, he'd like to roam, n stay inside her heart.. just want to c how she feel things. he wanna feel her side, he wanna see her thoughts taking shape. he wants to drill through her soul n make somethin out of it. maybe a reason from her side. for him to forget everything that still makes him die inside..
but we never forget the things n moments, which we dont want to remember.
such a beautifully sad irony it is.
its an art to live with pain.

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