Finally they released there ninth studio album.. I was waitin for it for a long time.
n now that ive heard his voice n lyrics, im feeling blessed.

A golden baritone full of emotions. thats all.

we are all confused. fuckin confused about each and everything.
its just a state of mind. its all a state of mind. silence or absence of sound. vaccum or nothing.
brain is jus another piece of shit. u c, the drive comes from the heart. they say u have to be practical.. n what do they mean? that uve gotta control that drive inside.
am i a human being or an animal first?
love, hatred, concern, anger, compassion, ego, sadness, jealousy, fear, peace, guilt, happiness..... list never ends.
like brownian motion. spins around ur head every second. the whole spectrum.
n we've gotta find a path. but to where?
am i still confused? or its just that i love to get confused? fuck.

"all the thoughts, you never see
You are always thinking,
brain is wide, brain is deep
are you sinking?"
-Eddie Vedder

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