Ive been fighting with this "I" for a long time... how much self obsessed we are with our I.
when we talk, we want them to listen. we hardly listen to them.
when we sit alone, we want someone to come n acknowledge our loneliness.
when someone ignores our I, we go crazy. It hurts.
thers a thin line between pride n ego... n ive been getting tangled, spotting that line for me.
its not a line, its some kinda hypothetical 3D curve, in our shapeless mind.
or is it a complicated confusion im makin for me to get tangled.. huhhh.
or do I like when someone thinks that I am a deep thinker, philosopher who can make himself a spiderweb of thoughts....
shit, its embarassing when I deliberately hurt my own shitty ego.

count, how many times Ive used this word I.
count, how many times u use ur I. out of those 60,000 thoughts, in a single day, rarely a thought is about something which is not related to this I.

I think,
I wish,
I don't,
I know,
I would,
I have,
I hate,
I want,
I like,
I am.

but its really good to clean our closet once in a while.
kill that ego, n fuck those ego boosters, life wll be much more colorful.
I need your "I". I want your "I". I cant live without your "I", even though Im always concerned with my I.
It will be a different world if everyone gives a chance to other's I,
"I guess"

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