my last engg exam up tmr.. was cherishing the memories of the past that has receded like a drifting cloud. drilling through the 4 years, i met some of the most wonderful n crazy creatures who held the common grounds with me. some of their statements, u c, got tattooed on my heart. it is astonishing, how deeply romantic n mysterious friendships i had. this very moment, its a bittersweet feeling of parting ways, u kno. all those laughs, looks, joy, arms, seashores, raindrops, trains, benches, tea n cigarettes, thoughts..... we shared. fuck i cant really think of anythin now, its like an avalanche of thoughts running down my heart. tomorrow, last engineering paper, at 2 pm, im gonna get outside the exam hall, jus gonna take a look at them n pass a smile.
a smile that holds thousands of unresolved tears n unspoken words.

so long.


  1. been there done that
    the first coupla days will be crazy, in a good way cos ull be hanging out with friends all day. later on the feeling of some sense of loss will sink in n thts wen it will get crazy, in a bad way. Bt then such is life i guess. 8 wars (semesters) are over nw just enjoy LIFE:)

  2. hahaha, genuine feelings of an ex-engg!!!!

  3. i didn't realized that day that u was thinking about us.we all were cherishing that there will be no exams from tomorrow.But by writing this u touched the heart. one more thing,don't worry, we all will be here.waise bhi cigarettes aur daru to tere khun me hai!!!!! (singhal)