Ive come to this conclusion about greatest of the artistic expressions. there is a strange relation  between some kind of crisis, be it personal or social or anything and the most touching piece of art.

im talkin bout those little horrifiying moments captured in a photo, the wails and turns in a song, hues and shades in a portrait, pages of a book which blurs the eyes, the things which gives you the hardest throat choke.

subconsciously we connect to those colors, words and struggling music notes. its the inner conflict, about our fears, insecurities, ignorance, helplessness, baggage of hurt ego scrambled with self destructive frustrations. over the years, the conflict makes us able to understand those beautiful artistic expressions. just like you have to train your ears for some genre of music like classical or jazz, your emotions and psychological being must be mature enough to resolve and enjoy the hidden expressions.

and thats the reason why i love the ache and sadness more than happiness, even if it kills slowly.

take a shot
a fake smile or a genuine tear.

if it was possible i would have traded my libido for another pair of ears and a multitasking brain from mother nature. i kno the two ecstasies are incomparable, physical and psychological. but at least i will be totally self dependent, if nature is ready for the tread-off.

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