Random looser's story 2

Been a month I'm here, dreamed a lot of crazy shit from an Iraqi voodoo witchcraft to the drowning sun. But then there was a dream, which felt like real. It was full of the emotions between a man and a woman. Maybe that is why I get high every single time I think about it.

"It was 2 o'clock in the midnight. We were standing in the balcony of her flat, some miles away from I don't know where. But I remember I could see a silhouette image of a castle over a top of the mountain far away towards the dark horizon. Moon was shining low and it was cold outside. The air was damped and so quiet that I could feel the heaviness of her breath. And what she was wearing was a loose maroon T shirt and a khaki shorts. Her hairs were let open and the blue hairband was resting around her left wrist. A sweet breeze passed away and a golden leaf crafted by autumn fell from a chestnut tree. It took a flight and followed a collapsed pendulum journey, as if it was confused which way to go, the way I always am. And finally settled down on a pebble, isolated. Her hairs were chasing the wind. I felt them for a second, swiftly caressing my neck. We were two and we were as quiet as each one of us sitting alone on a shoreline, pondering.
I hardly knew her, where did she come from, how she cries, how her laughter blossoms and how her smile fades away.

Then she looked me straight in the eyes. They were deep and were searching something inside of me. I was struck. It was a strange look filled with strange emotions. Something between the newly found love and the love she was deprived of. It felt like the coldest calm before the storm. I could sense the hurt she was carrying. We were still silent but had spoken our lives out with our eyes, one of the best conversations I had.

She led the way inside. Fragrance of the perfume she was wearing, was mesmerizing. Some music was playing.

I won't shiver in the cold
I won't let the shadows take their toll
I won't cover my head in the dark
And I won't forget you when we part

She turned off the lights, came closer, held my hand and put it on her waist. Fifteen past two, a girl with eyes as deep as the pacific, skin as soft as the wet sand and hairs as smooth as silk. And there I was, holding her close by, with her head on my chest."

I woke up with blurred eyes, vibrating thoughts and a spellbound heart. I had lost her, I had lost the most enchanting moments to come. Been a week now, I still wish we meet again; in dreams. I tried listening to those songs before sleeping, hoping to see myself in her arms, feeling the warmth of her body and soul. But as they say, every good thing has to end. Rather sometimes, we have to put an end to "some of those beautiful things" to keep ourselves away from insanity. Ive stopped thinking about the dream. Ive stopped thinking about her.


  1. can completely relate to this. i know that anxiety, that anguish u feel when you are on the verge and the dream ends. I try to go back to sleep to resume the dream, but all that is in vain. you go like 'Fuck! why couldn't i wake up after a coupla mins' but that dream will never come back. Best luck with finding that girl again:)

  2. exactly! only that agonizing "fuck!!" after you wake up, defines wat u feel. but u c, i got intuitions, will see her again for sure :) with the same blue hairband around one of her wrists and listening to "collapse the light into earth".

  3. hahaha good for u:) aha Porcupine Tree connection yet again:P btw Steven Wilson out with his new solo album. fucking dark n melancholic as usual - Grace for Drowning. do check out n keep an eye out on his website. he might just be performing in Germany:P

  4. yeah.. btw that song just trips me out man. empties me completely. bout the new album, the saddest thing is i cant download via torrents. gotta do somethin. y dont u mail me the zipped file containing the songs or somethin like that. anyway, tc and be at home someday. talked to priyank several times, u werent never there!