If only we had a chance to replace our one action in the past. If only we had a chance to change that little period of time and make a different decision. If only we can restore that broken piece of glass. The schrödinger's cat might had not died. It would have been totally different. But I'm so fucking far away from that point. And I have no chance to go back and change and make amends. It is the fact with which we have to live with, forever. What Ive turned into, is not the decisions I've taken in the receded time but its all about the decisions which I shouldn't have taken and the words, i should have avoided. but well this is life and if you plan to go to point B from point A, life always takes you somewhere else.. So far from B, alone, sometimes lonely, regretting.

but you see, sometimes i feel, whatever i chose, it was for good. No fucking regrets.